EN ISO 20345:2012 S3 HRO SRC
EN ISO 20345:2012 S3 SRC

Shoemaker, stay at your last is a famous saying.

In the case of ROOTS one could come up with ‘garment maker stay at your pattern’, or in plain language: ‘Stick to your area of competence’.

The backbone of the ROOTS company is a ppe supplier that is absolutely competent. By no means is footwear a blind spot in our knowledge.

ROOTS FR workwear arose from the conviction that the products on offer were not fit for its purpose – that was back in 2003. We are not claiming that none of the footwear in the market place is fit for the job, but we do have the conviction that ROOTS can do a better job, just like in the early years when the ROOTS brand came to life.

The footwear is developed with the offshore oil & gas worker as point of departure. What are the specific demands in the offshore oil & gas environment?

  • a demand for a superb slip resistance (o.b.m. and water on steel plates),
  • light weight against fatigue (long enduring shifts)
  • ankle support and heel fixation (to prevent ankles from dislocation)
  • Improved insulation properties of the sole (to prevent cold from reaching the wearers foot for as long as possible)
  • a need for above average durability (due to the harsh circumstances of the o&g environment)

The ROOTS state-of-the art range of footwear ticks all these boxes.