When a company joins FWF, it commits to implement the FWF Code of Labour Practices in its supply chain. While this includes efforts to work directly with factories to improve conditions there, it also means developing internal management systems to better support good workplace conditions. After one year of membership, FWF annually visits its affiliates to verify these systems and their effectiveness.

Since 2008, FWF staff started visiting the headquarters of each company’s CSR programme to audit its progress in upholding its FWF obligations. During these brand performance checks (formerly: Management System Audits), FWF staff reviews company documentation and databases, interviews staff, and, where possible, tests company systems. Using this information, FWF staff assesses the extent of meaningful improvements to internal systems and the results and achievements of these systems. Recommendations and requirements for improvement are also provided and can assist companies in shaping their compliance plans for the coming year.

FWF publishes the outcomes of these brand performance checks, so stakeholders and the public can keep track of how companies are doing.

FWF approaches the implementation of the Code of Labour Practices as a step-by-step process. The brand performance check focuses on a limited number of aspects of the management system, so companies can improve these first.

Below you can download the Brand Performance Check reports issued by Fair Wear Foundation regarding each financial year (January - December).