EN 1149-5:2008
EN ISO 11612:2008
IEC 61482-2:2009

ROOTS Inherent FR underwear – safe and comfortable

Market research has taught ROOTS that FR underwear is often uncomfortable, irritating, hot and sweaty – a recipe for such PPE not to be worn albeit offering extra protection against body burns. Developing a range of flame retardant underwear is one thing, having it worn is another. For over two years ROOTS has evaluated knitted fibres from around the globe in search for that something special! It is with pleasure that ROOTS announces its market place entrance in the FR underwear garment market with the expectations that all of ROOTS wearers have come to expect – comfort and maximum protection.

The garments in this range incorporate safety and maximum wearer comfort because of the presence of ‘special’ natural fibres and inherent properties.

  • EBT50 (Energy Break-open Threshold) rating 4.8 cal/cm2
  • HAF (Heat Attenuation Factor Factor) 70.1%

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