EN 1149-5:2008
EN ISO 11611:2007
IEC 61482-2:2009
EN ISO 11612:2008
EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009
Xtreme 310


Flamebuster Xtreme has broken all growth records since its launch in 2010. A range of inherently flame retardant garments with great comfort and excellent properties yet suitable for industrial laundering.

Inherently flame retardant (IFR) garments are more expensive than treated garments, due to the fact that these are made from man-made fibres, whereas 100% cotton fibers have an organic, natural source. Independent notified body testing proves that when cotton is treated with Pyrovatex, the FR protection achieved is greater than that of any man-made fibres.

However there is a market place requirement for man–made fibres. For if the washing process of treated garments cannot be controlled (so no bleach in detergents) then IFR is the only option. Bleach will strip the flame retardant properties from any treated cotton fabric after as few as 5 washes. It does not have this effect with man-made fabrics, albeit the no bleach symbol will be in the garment neck label. Using detergents with bleach when laundering IFR garments will weaken the fabric strength and will affect any Hi-Vis reflective tape. Laundry companies can and do control the washing process but if your employment is remote and laundering of FR garments must be at home, then IFR is the only option.

Flamebuster Xtreme is lightweight at 310g has a very soft and comfortable feel. In total, Flamebuster Xtreme achieves 6 EN standards as we look to offer the widest range of protection possible for the wearers. 

At 20.2% combined 2nd & 3rd degree body burn prediction results (after 50 laundry cycles), ROOTS would strongly advise to wear flame retardant underwear in combination with Flamebuster Xtreme as this will enhance the protection against a flash fire.

  • Pain 25.4%
  • 1st° Burn 1.8%
  • 2nd° Burn 11.4%
  • 3rd° Burn 8.8%
  • 2nd° + 3rd° Burn 20.2%
  • EBT50 (Energy Break-open Threshold) rating 9.6 cal/cm2
  • HAF (Heat Attenuation Factor Factor) 76.0%