EN 343:2003 + A1:2007
EN 1149-5:2008
EN ISO 14116:2008
EN 471:2003 + A1:2007
ROOTS Weather Wear


Lightweight and comfort... PU

There is a need for such a range of product in the modern day workplace But it is imperative to remember that PU weather wear must always be worn on top of a FR coverall or jacket and trouser conforming to EN 531 (old standard) or even better EN ISO 11612 (new standard). PU is the only product in our range not to be tested on the manikin for burn wound prediction due to the product itself being certified to the lowest FR standard available EN ISO 14116 Index 1.

Worn in the manor mentioned above gives PU its justification for being a necessity in the ROOTS product portfolio. Justification because the PU layer gets the first impact from a flash fire and therefore absorbs a huge portion of the energy. Combined with the air gap and the protection given from garments conforming to EN531 or EN ISO 11612 increases wearer protection levels.

In order to compile a safe and sensible kit of appropriate flame retardant workwear both knowledge of the matter (page 8 ROOTS Educational Training Program) and common sense are needed. PU does have its values; it is light weight, prevents heat stress and is widely regarded as flexible and comfortable. Without question FR PU makes a world of difference when compared to non-FR PU.

FR PU has no after burn and dripping of molten residue is out of the question. For ROOTS it is simple. Providing PU weather wear to index 1 must be worn on top of a very good and trustworthy undergarment.