EN ISO 20471:2013
EN 1149-5:2008
EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009
EN ISO 11611:2007
EN ISO 11612:2008
IEC 61482-2:2009
GO/RT 3279:2012
Kermel Textreme

This is a very special product range within the Kermel portfolio. Hi-visibility,

both in yellow and in orange, is not so common in inherent aramid fabrics.

Also this special Kermel range incorporates the superb properties that are

also present in the standard Kermel range, such as anti-pilling, great color fastness and very little shrinkage during a flash fire situation.

The combination of these two Kermel fabrics give a good performance on the manikin for body burn prediction, bearing in mind the weight of the fabric.

Non-flammability: It is permanently non-flammable by nature. Industrial protective clothing made from Kermel® aramid fibre thus offers maximum protection at very high temperatures (up to 1.000°C), contrary to protective clothing only treated with a fire-retardant that deteriorates over time.

Thermal insulation: Kermel® aramid fibre is an excellent thermal insulator, providing efficient protection from heat, even in lightweight protective clothing.

Thermostability: Kermel® fabrics are flame stable and protective clothing integrity is maintained for a relatively long time, thus allowing for sufficient egress time.

Resistance to chemicals: The chemical inertness of Kermel® aramid fibres provides efficient protection against the majority of chemical agents, even at high concentrations under the effect of splashing.

Permanent colour: The main advantage of Kermel® over competing fibres is the fact that it is solution-dyed during the manufacturing process. This property allows exceptional color fastness. Kermel® offers a range of over 40 colours for your industrial protective clothing!

Extreme comfort: The fibre’s low modulus results in Kermel® aramid fabric and knitwear having unequalled drape, softness and comfort.

Impressive appearance: Kermel® does not pill: industrial protective clothing stay looking perfect over time.

Good mechanical resistance: Its high resistance to abrasion allows for the creation of extremely durable industrial protective clothing, that do not deteriorate during industrial wash cycles.

  • Pain 16.2%
  • 1st° Burn 2.6%
  • 2nd° Burn 10.3%
  • 3rd° Burn 3.4%
  • 2nd° + 3rd° Burn 13.7%
  • Kermel Alpha 4975
  • ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) rating 8.2 cal/cm2
  • HAF (Heat Attenuation Factor Factor) 72.3%
  • Textreme 89416
  • ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) rating 9.1 cal/cm2
  • HAF (Heat Attenuation Factor Factor) 73.0%