EN ISO 11611:2007
Welding Hood

When it comes to hardcore, all day, every day welding, then look no further than our Arcbuster range.


Complying with stringent EN test methods is challenging for all manufacturers but surpassing the test method parameters is something else! This is exactly what ROOTS managed to do with Arcbuster…

We listened very carefully to the welders at DML Devenport (now Babcock) to their ‘dream product’. A request for a fabric which felt like a defence barrier, something that would not hole during a shift but yet was able to be comfortable, flexible, soft and very strong. After all these guys normally face 8 hour shifts and most of the time in confined spaces!

A challenge it was as it took ROOTS 2 years to develop Arcbuster. But Arcbuster was a product worth waiting for as there is absolutely nothing that comes close to it’s performance.

Arcbuster, made from 100% cotton, has a weave so tight that sparks and spatter ‘bounce off the fabic’ allowing it to meet the new EN ISO 11611 welding standard to class 2 – the highest welding standard available. As mentioned above, Arcbuster quite easily surpassed the maximum number of metal droplets (40) during the testing process, not to mention the ‘E3’ also achieved during the EN ISO 11612 molten metal splash test – again the highest standard possible.

Arcbuster is further certified with EN 1149-5 (Antistatic) and IEC 61482-2 class 1 (Electric Arc) not because we are crazy, but because ROOTS at all times has the health and safety of the wearer at heart and in mind.

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