Product traceability

Where other companies stop... ROOTS just begins!




Here you will read and learn about eight of our significant differentiators, where ROOTS makes a difference... where ROOTS just begins!



1)      ROOTS Own Fabric Development.

When ROOTS formed in 2004, we were not comfortable at all with the ‘average’ Flame Retardant (FR) fabrics  on offer in the marketplace. The poor quality, poor performance and poor comfort associated with most fabrics drove us to producing our very own FR fabrics and under our own control. To this day, ROOTS are the only major FR manufacturer that actually controls their own fabric production from start to finish.

ROOTS fabrics are produced by using the very finest ingredients. After all, without a good fabric you don’t have a good garment! That is why we use superb cotton quality which offers uncomparable wearer comfort, garment strength and product performance. Our FR treatment is of a very low odour, eliminating nuisance smells associated with flame retardant garments, leading to wearer rejection.

2)      ROOTS Product Traceability

During our fabric production process, we have implemented a world class quality control system. After every produced batch of 3000 meters, all ROOTS fabrics are tested in our laboratory for critical values such as tear strength, tensile strength, flame retardancy and shrinkage. This is then identified by a unique number, which we call Cosort. This number is placed within the inside leg seam of every garment which we manufacture. This method protects the unique Cosort number from flash fire flames along with garment wear and tear.

For this very reason, Cosort can be truly viewed as a complete peace of mind for the employer and the wearer!

3)      ROOTS & SGS Testing

We (ROOTS) have partnered with SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), whom quality check our fabrics prior to every garment production. SGS are a world class leader in fabric inspection, testing and certification and we are extremely proud to have built a partnership with such a renown organization. Following independent testing from SGS, only then do we allow our fabrics to be released for garment production.

SGS testing is carried out on top of our own laboratory testing and is on every varied garment  and colour that comes out of production.

Most other manufacturers of FR garments would be satisfied with only the internal laboratory reports available from the weaver;  a bit like a butcher testing his own meat!

The following tests are always carried out; 

·         Fabric flame retardancy after 50 washing /drying cycles

·         Fabric shrinkage after 5 and 50 washing /drying cycles.

·         Fabric tear strength after 5 and 50 washing /drying cycles.

·         Fabric tensile strength after 5 and 50 washing /drying cycles.