Manikin testing

Burning wound prediction on all product lines

EN11612, the standard for limited heat and flame spread, offers garment manufacturers the ‘option’ to test their garment on a manikin’ during a 3 second flash fire. The test gives a skin burn prediction around the body whilst covered by a Flame Retardant garment.

You would never go out and buy a car without test driving it to see how it performs, so why would you wear a potential life saving garment without knowing how it will perform?

For that reason, ROOTS takes this ‘optional manikin test’ extremely seriously! ROOTS test every single one of our FR garments for 4 seconds on a manikin and by doing so, this extra second generates another 1/3 of heat energy. ROOTS garments are tested independently through BTTG (British Textile Technology Group) and we can and we do provide all of our existing and potential customers with BTTG test results.