ROOTS Flamebuster Washing Powder

Own washing powder  and supporting industrial laundries

During the early days of our very successful business, ROOTS listened to customer concerns about not being able to get garments cleaned whilst working offshore. Oil based mud is one of the heaviest contaminants in the industrial market and is extremely difficult to remove from any FR garment. So, we rose to the challenge and developed our very own washing detergent, Clean At 60, which is proven to remove the heaviest of contaminants, including oil based mud without deferring from the garment washing instructions.. This is an ideal solution for any company washing garments on their own premises.

ROOTS continuously talks to and supports many laundry companies in order to make sure that ROOTS garments follow correct laundry procedures. We make laundry companies aware of the product’s potential purpose as a PPE item so that they too understand why ROOTS garments have to be respected during their laundry cycle. Flame retardant garments need to protect people at work and ROOTS fabrics are proven to be incomparable. At the same time, it is as extremely important to be certain all ROOTS garments are laundered to wash label instructions.